HealGel Body

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The HealGel brand has been taking the beauty world by storm, with fans including the fashion editor of Vogue, Suki Waterhouse and Nigella Lawson. I was so excited when I was asked if I would like to try HealGel Body, as I could see for myself what all the rave reviews were about!

The background of HealGel is very impressive. It was developed by a team of leading plastic surgeons with help from a dermatological biochemist and a leading actor. So really you can see why their products are so effective. They have every aspect covered and the scientific knowledge to create products that really work.

HealGel Body is one of those products where you get that immediate "ahh" feeling after you apply it. It contains Arnica (the best natural remedy for bruises and swelling) and Madecassoside lipsomes ( my translation: little tiny packets that contain the good stuff and travel really far down in to the layers of your skin). Basically, this is a combination of the best ingredients to help soothe, calm, nourish and moisturise any dry, unhappy, irritated areas on your body (they have a whole range specifically designed for the face)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a) quite clumsy b) a bit of a clean freak. The combination of these two things means that I suffer from perpetually sore dry hands from washing them so much (a hand cream is never not by my side) and always have random bruises scattered across my legs (thanks coffee tables)

After trialling the HealGel body cream, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my sore cracked hands (literally after the first application) and realised that my bruises have been disappearing rather rapidly. Nigella is said to keep some of this super stuff in her kitchen, in case she burns or cuts herself whilst cooking. And (thankfully!) I have been lucky enough not to burn myself whilst trialling HealGel body, I imagine it would be the perfect remedy.

Whilst the packaging reflects its medicinal background, the cream itself has the most delightful scent which reminds me of a spa. I'm guessing it is the lipsome technology which allows the product to sink in instantly leaving no residue. The instant absorption means that you are not wasting any product and you only need a small amount.

Overall, I absolutely adore this product and can say it fully lives up to all the hype. The effectiveness of the product speaks for itself. This is shown in the fact they have not had to splash out on attention seeking packaging. It is quietly confident and allows it's army of well known fans to speak of it's amazing benefits. You can get HealGel at Space NK and Liberty. 

Have you ever tried HealGel?

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend

X Emma

Brighten Up Your Spring Days With A Pop Of Pastel | OOTD

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring is here! The sun is trying it's best to shine through and brighter colours are finally finding their way into our highstreet shops.

Here is an outfit I put together for a London shopping trip, I am trying my very best to steer clear of my usual all black outfits!

T-shirt - River Island : "Donut Talk To Me" made me giggle
Lace Pencil Skirt - Dorothy Perkins : Paired with a t-shirt creates a casual look perfect for in the day, or can be dressed up for a more formal outfit.
Heels - New Look : These are so comfy and my go to pair. They are such a bargain too! 

I accessorised this with my Mary Poppins huge Louis Vuitton bag and my cream M&S coat.

Are you guys loving pastels too this spring?

X Emma

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Self Warming Hair Mask

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I am a self confessed hair mask junkie. I am on a constant quest to get my hair in to the best possible condition and have tried countless products on both ends of the price spectrum. However, when the lovely people at Dove asked if I would like to try their intensive repair self warming hair mask, I was so surprised! I have never come across a warming hair mask. I feel like I've been missing out on one of the best haircare secrets known to man (or woman in this case haha)

The mask actually comes in two parts: The more "traditional" nourishing cream and the heat activating serum. 

I was so impressed with this mask, both products work together perfectly leaving my hair silky smooth. The luxurious feeling of the serum warming up your hair is absolutely amazing and so relaxing, it really feels like such a treat! One of the best parts for me is that you only have to leave it on for three minutes. The speediness of this product makes it the perfect: mid-week pick me up, last minute lifesaver if you want your hair to look extra glossy for a special occasion or if you are just not a fan of waiting the usual 10-15 minutes for results.

After washing off the product I noticed I did not need my usual leave in conditioner and as I was in a rush I just did a quick rough dry. I was so shocked when I looked in the mirror that my hair looked like I had been to the hairdressers and had it proffesionally blowdried in a sleek/smooth style. My hair was so much more managable and I did not use any other products! 

This warming mask reminds me of the intensive treatments you can have as an extra at the hairdresser. However, the price tag is a lot more purse friendly! For £3.49 you really can not go wrong with this mask, it provides a quick, easy and enjoyable treat for your hair to leave it smooth managable and nourished but not heavy with greasy residue. Perfect! I've already looked to repurchase this product. It is stocked on the Dove website and Boots (although it says it is out of stock it should be available in your local store!) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a lovely week!

X Emma

My Revolutionary Product For a Glowing, Airbrushed Tan !

Sunday, 13 April 2014

It is the time of year where layers slowly start to peel off, beautiful Spring dresses start to flood the shops and *dramatic music* almost the season of bare legs! Fake tan can be a daunting thing, horror stories of streaks, smelling of biscuits and the worry of turning out to be the wrong David Dickinson shade of tanned have always prevented me becoming a regular fake tan user. Looking back, those worries are extremely outdated and tanning technology has moved on by huge amounts; meaning I have wasted years missing out on airbrushed legs and a healthy glow like this one:

Some of my tanning tips and a revolutionary product will hopefully alleviate the anxiety some of us feel about fake tan, leaving us all ready for our Spring wardrobes!

Firstly, preparation is so crucial. No matter how wonderful the tanning product is if you do not exfoliate/have a moisturising session the night before the chances are your fake tan will not go the way you want it to! I use the Sephora body exfoliator with a loofah to buff away any dead skin cells to leave skin silky smooth and ready for fake tan application. For moisturising I like to use my fail safe Vaseline Cocoa Butter after a hot bath the night before, it really locks in all the moisture in your skin, again removing the likelihood of any unwanted patchiness.

When Fake Bake asked if I would like to try their 60 minute tan product I was really excited and shocked at how quick the time was! I honestly did not realise that tanning technology has moved on so much. This completely removes the fear of ruining bed sheets and means it is absolutely ideal to apply before a night out. Also as a bonus you don't have to worry that a sudden rain shower or spilled cocktail will remove your tan ( as can be the case with the wash off products)

 If you wish you can also leave the tan on for up to 3 hours if you desire a stronger tan, but as I was after more of a glow than a bronze I decided to stick with 60 (although later on in the summer months I think this lovely little thing may be staying on for 3 hours!) This really is such a clever idea as effectively you have three tans in one.

On first opening the package I realised that included with the tan is also two gloves and the most wonderful tanning mitt. "How wonderful can a tanning mitt be?!" I hear you ask, This is the creme de la creme of tanning mitts, it is silky smooth (unlike the scratchy nasty plastic ones that I had previously used) and luxuriously smooths on the tan so easily.

The tan is so quick and easy to apply, it comes out in a fine mist (which you then spray on to the mitt) The consistency of the mist means that while you can still see where you are applying the product it is instantly absorbed. I smoothed on the tan in circular motions and was so impressed, there was absolutely no sticky residue.

I popped on a loose top and some shorts and went downstairs...not for long though! My little dogs seemed particularly keen on the yummy Coconut scent and were desperate to try and lick it off haha! Back upstairs and after replying to my emails it was already time to wash it off (60 minutes really does go quickly)

For me this tan ticks all the major boxes:

  • Easy to apply
  • No "biscuit" scent, instead a coconut scent which makes me think of holidays!
  • Quick - honestly 60 minutes is no time at all and goes so quickly
  • Just the right shade of glow-y tan after 60 minutes, perfect for blondes/those with fair skin tones
  • No streaks at all!
  • No residue/stickiness after application
  • No transfer

And here are the results! I found it quite difficult to photograph just how good the finish is on the tan, but if you can't see from the photos, trust me it really is an airbrushed, glowing finish!

Thank you so much to the lovely Angela from Fake Bake for sending me this revolutionary product to try, it really is going to be a necessity from now on !

X Emma

My Top Tips For Perfect Paws

Thursday, 10 April 2014

There are very few feelings that match that satisfied fresh out of the nail salon glance down at your perfect manicure and pedicure. However,  for most of us to regularly visit is quite a decadent indulgence, so here are my favourite products to keep your hands and feet looking salon fresh at all times!

A decent hand cream - Hand creams are one of my favourite treats, although I am not a fan of those that leave your hands with that unpleasant greasy feeling. My number one hand creams at the moment ( I just couldn't pick one!) are the Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve and Clarins hand and nail treatment cream ( the Queen is rumoured to be a fan of this! ) They leave my hands feeling completely hydrated and smooth, with absolutely no greasiness.

A proper foot cream - Whilst with hand creams I despise any sort of greasiness or thick creams, the opposite is true with foot creams! I slather on huge amounts of Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme pop on some socks, go to sleep and wake up in the morning with deliciously smooth feet. 

Take extra care of your nails! -  I did a whole post on how to get long and strong nails, which you can find  here. But my favourite products are definitely the Sally Hansen Miracle Grow nail varnish or the Mavala Nail Creme.

Get a nifty nail varnish remover - Whenever I'm in America I always pick up about three of these Sephora instant nail varnish removers ( I'm sure I've seen that Bourjouis do a similar thing but I haven't tried it yet ) This really takes some of the tedium out of painting your nails and makes the whole process a lot quicker, it is also virtually impossible to make a mess using these. So all in all just the perfect nail varnish removing product!

Invest in a more heavy duty gadget - One of my favourite beauty gadgets was one that I actually got my mum for Christmas, and after hearing her glowing reviews I just had to try it. The Micro Pedi is literally like a buffing machine (warning be careful if you are ticklish!) for your feet which leaves them silky smooth and literally looking as if you have had a pedicure weekly since the age of 10! No exaggeration , this is definitely one of those holy grail products which will get your feet ready to be shown off in summery sandals in no time.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, what are your tips for Perfect Paws?

X Emma

Häagen Dazs' Limited Edition Special Easter Treats!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Wait...not Christmas but the amazing time of year where the Easter bunny comes out to play and chocolate eggs are given as presents! When I was contacted by Häagen Dazs and asked if I wanted to try their limited edition Easter dessert I jumped for joy. Häagen Dazs is my most favourite indulgent treat...which I just happen to have most evenings (their Belgian Chocolate is the best ice cream I have ever tasted!) 

Prior to my visit I was sent some tantalising photos of the limited edition Easter dessert by the lovely Shauna which made me even more excited!

I was pleased to be able to share this amazing experience with my gorgeous friend Camilla. We arrived at their flagship Leicester square location and were greeted by their extremely friendly staff. We immediately spotted the show stopping Easter dessert as soon as we sat down and ordered straight away. As I mentioned earlier their Belgian Chocolate flavour is my absolute favourite, so I very cheekily asked if we could swap one scoop of their sumptuous sorbet for the chocolate! Our waitress was so lovely and said this was no problem at all. 

Our special Easter treats arrived and we were both awestruck by how amazing the presentation was! Wonderfully juicy fresh fruit, sumptuous sorbet and a raspberry coulis surround the most attractive chocolate egg filled with delicious vanilla ice cream ! The best news was ... it tasted even better than it looked (is that even possible?!) The flavours all compliment each other so well and it is fresh, fruity and fragrant, perfect for a sunny spring day like today! The even better news is that the beautiful presentation and flavour doesn't come at an exorbitant price (£8). I thought the price was such good value for such a special dessert and I have already planned to return with my mum, instead of buying her an Easter egg this year!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a very happy Easter! (This dessert is limited edition so if you do wish to try it make sure you hop along to a Häagen Dazs café before the 25th of April)

Playboy Makeup Launch | OOTN

Friday, 4 April 2014

Last night I attended the launch of Playboy Makeup in the UK! I was so excited to finally see what lies behind those infamously exclusive doors to the Playboy club on Park Lane. This is such a luxurious venue which is usually a private members club I believe. I am a huge supporter of Playboy, I even managed to get a quote from Hugh Hefner in to a piece of English coursework on feminism (a positive one obviously) Although Mr Hefner wasn't present, there were the most fantastic group of celebrities and suitably fashionable individuals.

My outfit for the evening had to be glamorous so I went all out with a classic black dress from Zara, teamed with some heels (also from Zara) and my current favourite cream coat from M&S. I accessorised this look with my Louis Vuitton bag and lots of jewellery.

Anyway, back to the glorious makeup. The collection has been specially crafted with spring/summer in mind. So the collection has the most gorgeous bronzers, bright lipsticks and neon nail varnishes. Perfect for sunny days and holiday evenings where you quickly sweep on some bronzer and a bit of lipstick! 

The bronzers come in both matte (perfect for contouring) and a shimmery blush (which would perfect for highlighting)

The Playboy makeup lipsticks come in pretty much every shade of pink you could imagine, perfect if you are like me and tend to match shades that suit your skin tone. There is also a classic pin up girl type red which I adore and will definitely be stocking up on!

This was my favourite lipstick, I believe it was called "bubblegum pink" and would be perfect with a black dress!

These nail varnishes are in such fun shades and so different to anything else currently available on the high street. The varnish's solution is amazing in the fact that the varnish looks exactly the same on your nail as in the bottle, which has been a problem for me in the past with other brands. I tested the nail varnish on my nails when I got home from the event in the silver shade (that was part of my goodie bag!) and it was the most gorgeous liquid silver you have ever seen (expect a photo on instagram very soon)

After I had fully examined all of the glorious makeup it was time to enjoy the party! The lovely hostesses put on the most amazing hospitality, with the most delicious canapés and drinks constantly flowing throughout the night! Some of us may have been guilty of taking more than one canapé at a time (guilty!) the duck spring rolls were a particular favourite amongst our group!

Here are some photos of the fabulous evening:

I loved this! "Ears & Tails" 

It really was such an amazing event to celebrate the launch of what I'm sure will be a very successful makeup line. I feel very privileged to have been able to take part in such a wonderful event and would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely ladies who organised it, they really did such a fantastic job! And another thank you for the very generous goodie bag! I would also like to point you guys in the direction of two amazing beauty bloggers who were also at the event their links are:

X Emma