Life changing products for oily/acne prone skin

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hello lovely readers! It's been requested I suggest some products to help those of you with oily acne prone skin. So here are some products that have changed my life ! It's true, having clearer skin increases your confidence and generally makes you feel better about yourself. So here we go:

I can not stress how important it is to have a good skincare routine, comprising of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Establishing this will ensure that your pores are cleared of all makeup, dirt etc. All three parts of this routine are crucial and I know some people will think aaaaah how time consuming, but it really isn't more than 2 minutes out of your day! The best time to do it is after/before brushing your teeth, you're going to be in the bathroom anyway so a minute or two wont make a difference! Also another tip is to drink as much water as possible, this will really help to give a lovely glow to your skin :)

The best products I would recommend for helping to keep your skin under control are:

  1. Murad Clarifying Skin Cleanser Gel - this is a great product and not too harsh either. Very simple to use and the big bottle lasts forever!
  2. Clarins Iris Toner this is so crucial to your regimen , a toner will help clear any residue your cleanser has missed and help to close pores. This one from Clarins is perfect.
  3. Murad Blemish Control Skin Perfecting Lotion although Clarins has a whole line of lotions for oily skin I have not tried them personally so I can't really recommend them! This however, is lovely really lightweight but you can still feel your skin has been moisturised after using it.

If you wish to use a treatment then the Clarins Lotus Facial Oil is wonderful. "Nooooooo" I hear you gasp, my skin is already oily the last thing it needs is more oil! But aha! These facial oils are in genius in the way that they trick your skin in to thinking it's already produced oil, thereby reducing the oil production of your skin. Phew! Also the fact that it is 100% natural plant extract you can't really go wrong.

I also swear by Murad's blemish treatment this is wonderful in instantly reducing any blemishes and redness. Although the Murad prices do seem quite high, I'm sure I brought some sort of a set with products together.

I don't want to overwhelm you so that is it for this post! Let me know your life changing products for oily/acne prone skin, I would love to hear them xxx


  1. thank you for the product recommendations! will try them out, especially the Clarins Facial oil! :) xoxo


  2. No problem! Keep the recommendations coming I love doing them <3 xxx

  3. This is so helpful- I have super oily skin so really enjoyed reading it xxx
    Laura from

  4. Thanks so much for your feedback I really appreciate it :) absolutely love your blog xxx


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