An homage to Stella McCartney

Sunday, 30 March 2014

The name Stella McCartney has become synonymous with effortlessly chic British fashion. She has crafted a brand which has become one of the biggest fashion names worldwide. A huge factor in her success is as Tom Ford says,"her ability to be her own customer". She constantly stuns in outfits that look like they are...well made for her! Stella herself said in Vogue that "I'm always designing things I want to wear" and I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of women ... we want to wear them too! She designs not only for glamorous runway models, which is refreshing and her infamous silhouette dress has got to be one of the most copied looks ever.

Stella's success has not gone unnoticed and in 2013 her efforts were recognised by her Majesty the Queen! She received an OBE for her contributions to British fashion, dressed in a suitably spectacular suit.

Photo; Getty Images

I would go as far to say that this is one of my all time favourite outfits. Every aspect of it is perfect. Stella trained at Edward Sexton on Savile Row whilst studying at Central Saint Martins. Savile Row is the home of the best tailoring one could argue, in the world. Edward Sexton was also the tailor to her father, Paul McCartney and many other iconic names. Her roots are definitely evident in this exquisitely tailored suit, which accentuates the female silhouette in a tasteful manner.

The midnight blue shade that she has chosen is absolutely stunning, again probably my favourite shade. The Cartier headpiece offsets the whole look for just the most glamorous effect, but crucially without trying too hard.

This look is timelessly elegant and suitably proper for the occasion of meeting the Queen, but with a fun twist. 

I absolutely adore her creations and always look forward to what is coming next.

Who are your favourite British designers?

X Emma


  1. Love Stella McCartney! If I had the money I would love to buy some of her pieces. I really like Victoria Beckham as I think her pieces are feminine and classic, and she models them so well!

    Lauren |

  2. Thanks so much for commenting! I really appreciate it. Me too! I would definitely do some serious damage. I love Victoria Beckham as well, I actually did a post on her a couple of weeks ago; here is the link if you fancy a look xx

  3. Stella McCartney is definitely one of my favourite designers too! Along with Victoria Beckham; I love their simple designs. Sevile Row is so inspiring :D
    lily x


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