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Monday, 10 March 2014

I was really excited to receive a package from the lovely people at DGJ Organics the other day. My hair has been needing some serious TLC recently so I was desperate to try these Argan and Berutti Oil products.

Before I get stuck in to the products I thought I would give you lovely readers some background on the DGJ brand. The products were originally developed by Daniel Galvin Junior, who is a hugely influential figure in the world of professional haircare, with 27 years of experience! His client list reads like a who's who of the most glamorous and glossiest haired celebrities around, including Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden and Danielle Lineker. His salon is also regularly featured on Made in Chelsea! Phew, impressive!

The idea to merge professional haircare with an organic ethos is absolutely brilliant. I think the opportunity to get a salon finished look without having to use any nasty chemicals is something that appeals to pretty much everyone.

So, here we go! It was my turn to try these very exciting products. Firstly the Argan Oil Shampoo, with one of the most raved about beauty ingredients of recent times, Moroccan argan oil! As the shampoo has no nasty chemicals in it, it does not lather up which did not bother me at all as my hair still felt clean after using it. In fact, not only did it feel clean it also felt nourished. Which is rare for a shampoo! It didn't strip my hair of its natural moisture and infused some anti frizz-ing wonderful-ness, which is always welcomed!

The conditioner left my hair feeling silky, smooth and manageable. Both the shampoo and conditioner had a lovely scent which reminded me of type of incense you would usually smell in a spa, or somewhere equally relaxing!

The Berruti oil instantly sunk in to my hair and made it super easy to comb through and manage. The combination of all of these products has left my hair feeling soft, healthy and manageable. But crucially, without feeling heavy or greasy from residue. I absolutely adore these products and will definitely be using them again.

X Emma

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