Fashionista of the day - Victoria Beckham

Monday, 3 March 2014

There is something so inspiring about an underdog who climbs to the greatest heights and overcomes peoples' preconceptions. Victoria Beckham has successfully shed her previous cheesy "wag" image and progressed in to a fully fledged fashion designer, with Anna Wintour's seal of approval to boot!

I admit it, Posh was not my favourite spice girl ( I was always baby spice ) and I never really got the whole wag thing. However, Victoria Beckham's glamorous makeover ... or make under, is one of greatness. Her style has gone from chav to chic. Gone are the shocking hot pants along with equally shocking hair styles and in is understated minimalistic fabulous-ness !

Behind it all is the most incredible team of industry experts, so it would pretty difficult for her brand not to succeed. However, I do truly think that it is Victoria's own passion to not only be successful but also accepted in the fashion industry that is the true driving force.

It is one of my personal goals to purchase one of her gorgeous pencil style dresses. The silhouettes are just dreamy, with a 1950s esque feel to them. It would be so fantastic if she would one day follow the likes of Isabel Marant, Martin Margiela etc. and design a more affordable capsule collection for H&M or the like.

P.S. Apologies for all the photos I just couldn't pick haha...

X Emma

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  1. I really love the fashion side of Victoria Beckham but as Posh I couldn't stand her, her style is inspiring and I now look up to her as a fashion icon.


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