Kick start your health regimen with Juicing!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Juicing has become a popular phenomenon within the world of celebrity culture. Pictures have been circling for years of glamorous women running around LA with huge cartons of seemingly disgusting concoctions of green gunk! But what are these concoctions and why are they so good for you?!

After watching a terrifying news segment on the amount of sugar in seemingly healthy food items I wanted to go back to basics and basically know everything I was eating! I was curious about the benefits of introducing fresh home made juice in to my daily routine. Please note, I was not undertaking juicing as a tool for weight loss (although you can go on a "juice fast" if you wish) I was more curious about the health benefits and juicing for general well being. The main benefit of juicing is that you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients directly from their raw natural source, they aren't being affected by cooking or additives etc. So they are kind of like a super juice if you like!

Off I went, researching away on the Argos website. I was lucky enough to have a stash of nectar points that I had been saving for a rainy day, so I was able to invest in a relatively high end juicer. Personally I would definitely recommend this Phillips juicer, it is a seriously powerful piece of kit! In go huge chunks of pineapple with their impossibly hard outer skin still attached....and voila! In a couple of seconds the most deliciously smooth pineapple juice - with no bits - appears.

Along with my juicer was a recipe book from Jason Vale, the King of juicing! I can honestly say that every recipe of his that I have tried has been absolutely scrumptious. Although I haven't been brave enough to try any of the gloriously green juices...yet!

Since I have been juicing I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin, energy levels and general well being. Also the juices are genuinely really tasty! So are a welcome addition in to my daily routine. I'm always uploading photos of my creations to my instagram: missemmacharlotte so feel free to follow me on there!

Have you ever tried juicing? If so how did you find it?

X Emma


  1. I'm very interested in this, but haven't really done it yet - i deffo don't like bits,s o perhaps a juicer is the way forward :)

  2. I have heard that it's a great thing, never really got around to doing it.
    Maybe some day soon.

    Glitter And Blush

  3. I used to love making juices but my juicer broke and I never got around to replacing it. Will have to get a new one though because they are my favourite way to start my day off during Spring and Summer

    Lauren |

  4. They really are! And healthy too, you can't go wrong :) thanks for commenting xx

  5. Juicing is definitely worth the investment! They are so delicious and healthy xx

  6. Let me know if you do try juicing, I would love to hear how you get on xx

  7. They are so refreshing on a hot day! and a lot healthier than ice cream haha. Let me know if you do start juicing again, we could swap recipes :) xx

  8. I attempted to do a 5 day detox but only managed half that as I kept getting migraines. Danielle xx


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