My Revolutionary Product For a Glowing, Airbrushed Tan !

Sunday, 13 April 2014

It is the time of year where layers slowly start to peel off, beautiful Spring dresses start to flood the shops and *dramatic music* almost the season of bare legs! Fake tan can be a daunting thing, horror stories of streaks, smelling of biscuits and the worry of turning out to be the wrong David Dickinson shade of tanned have always prevented me becoming a regular fake tan user. Looking back, those worries are extremely outdated and tanning technology has moved on by huge amounts; meaning I have wasted years missing out on airbrushed legs and a healthy glow like this one:

Some of my tanning tips and a revolutionary product will hopefully alleviate the anxiety some of us feel about fake tan, leaving us all ready for our Spring wardrobes!

Firstly, preparation is so crucial. No matter how wonderful the tanning product is if you do not exfoliate/have a moisturising session the night before the chances are your fake tan will not go the way you want it to! I use the Sephora body exfoliator with a loofah to buff away any dead skin cells to leave skin silky smooth and ready for fake tan application. For moisturising I like to use my fail safe Vaseline Cocoa Butter after a hot bath the night before, it really locks in all the moisture in your skin, again removing the likelihood of any unwanted patchiness.

When Fake Bake asked if I would like to try their 60 minute tan product I was really excited and shocked at how quick the time was! I honestly did not realise that tanning technology has moved on so much. This completely removes the fear of ruining bed sheets and means it is absolutely ideal to apply before a night out. Also as a bonus you don't have to worry that a sudden rain shower or spilled cocktail will remove your tan ( as can be the case with the wash off products)

 If you wish you can also leave the tan on for up to 3 hours if you desire a stronger tan, but as I was after more of a glow than a bronze I decided to stick with 60 (although later on in the summer months I think this lovely little thing may be staying on for 3 hours!) This really is such a clever idea as effectively you have three tans in one.

On first opening the package I realised that included with the tan is also two gloves and the most wonderful tanning mitt. "How wonderful can a tanning mitt be?!" I hear you ask, This is the creme de la creme of tanning mitts, it is silky smooth (unlike the scratchy nasty plastic ones that I had previously used) and luxuriously smooths on the tan so easily.

The tan is so quick and easy to apply, it comes out in a fine mist (which you then spray on to the mitt) The consistency of the mist means that while you can still see where you are applying the product it is instantly absorbed. I smoothed on the tan in circular motions and was so impressed, there was absolutely no sticky residue.

I popped on a loose top and some shorts and went downstairs...not for long though! My little dogs seemed particularly keen on the yummy Coconut scent and were desperate to try and lick it off haha! Back upstairs and after replying to my emails it was already time to wash it off (60 minutes really does go quickly)

For me this tan ticks all the major boxes:

  • Easy to apply
  • No "biscuit" scent, instead a coconut scent which makes me think of holidays!
  • Quick - honestly 60 minutes is no time at all and goes so quickly
  • Just the right shade of glow-y tan after 60 minutes, perfect for blondes/those with fair skin tones
  • No streaks at all!
  • No residue/stickiness after application
  • No transfer

And here are the results! I found it quite difficult to photograph just how good the finish is on the tan, but if you can't see from the photos, trust me it really is an airbrushed, glowing finish!

Thank you so much to the lovely Angela from Fake Bake for sending me this revolutionary product to try, it really is going to be a necessity from now on !

X Emma


  1. This tan looks amazing Emma! I always struggle to find a good one because I have really dry skin on my legs (eczema problems) but I may have to try this out! xxx

    Aisling |

  2. It really is! It is so different to anything else I have ever tried and the mitt really does give such a silky, even finish. Oh no I'm sorry to hear that, I think you can moisturise just before you tan as well as long as you use an oil free lotion, so that could help give a smooth finish :) Let me know how you get on if you do try the 60 minute tan! Xxx

  3. looks good - i'm normally too scared to try!

  4. Fake Bake are amazing, but like you I am always to scared that I will turn out like a walking orange!


  5. This looks and sounds amazing! I'm always a bit nervous to try tans out, but this looks really easy to apply and the mitt sounds like a dream, too!

  6. Hello lovely! I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award! Check out my latest post for the details! :)


  7. Because I adore your blog so much, I have nonimnated you for a blogger award! Here is the link: Cheers! Maddy xxoxoxo maddy

  8. Your legs look gorgeous! Awesome post :)

    Brittany - The Burnished Beauty

  9. the tan looks lovely on you! by the way I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Have fun! xoxo

  10. Looks very nice and natural! Thanks for giving me your link on twitter, I am following via Bloglovin'.

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  11. I am looking for a new tan and this looks amazing! X

  12. Hi, I love that skirt, where is it from?

  13. It looks amazing on you and streak free. I love Fake Bake and this is one I haven't tried yet.

    Lauren xx


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