My Top Tips For Perfect Paws

Thursday, 10 April 2014

There are very few feelings that match that satisfied fresh out of the nail salon glance down at your perfect manicure and pedicure. However,  for most of us to regularly visit is quite a decadent indulgence, so here are my favourite products to keep your hands and feet looking salon fresh at all times!

A decent hand cream - Hand creams are one of my favourite treats, although I am not a fan of those that leave your hands with that unpleasant greasy feeling. My number one hand creams at the moment ( I just couldn't pick one!) are the Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve and Clarins hand and nail treatment cream ( the Queen is rumoured to be a fan of this! ) They leave my hands feeling completely hydrated and smooth, with absolutely no greasiness.

A proper foot cream - Whilst with hand creams I despise any sort of greasiness or thick creams, the opposite is true with foot creams! I slather on huge amounts of Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme pop on some socks, go to sleep and wake up in the morning with deliciously smooth feet. 

Take extra care of your nails! -  I did a whole post on how to get long and strong nails, which you can find  here. But my favourite products are definitely the Sally Hansen Miracle Grow nail varnish or the Mavala Nail Creme.

Get a nifty nail varnish remover - Whenever I'm in America I always pick up about three of these Sephora instant nail varnish removers ( I'm sure I've seen that Bourjouis do a similar thing but I haven't tried it yet ) This really takes some of the tedium out of painting your nails and makes the whole process a lot quicker, it is also virtually impossible to make a mess using these. So all in all just the perfect nail varnish removing product!

Invest in a more heavy duty gadget - One of my favourite beauty gadgets was one that I actually got my mum for Christmas, and after hearing her glowing reviews I just had to try it. The Micro Pedi is literally like a buffing machine (warning be careful if you are ticklish!) for your feet which leaves them silky smooth and literally looking as if you have had a pedicure weekly since the age of 10! No exaggeration , this is definitely one of those holy grail products which will get your feet ready to be shown off in summery sandals in no time.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, what are your tips for Perfect Paws?

X Emma

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