My Holy Grail Holiday Must Have

Saturday, 3 May 2014

As many of my lovely readers know I am a Clarins addict! Previously I have written about their skin care products [ My Top Three Clarins Treats & Life Changing Products For Oily/Acne Prone Skin ] Today I will be sharing with you my holy grail holiday must have, their Soothing After sun*.

Summer is fast approaching (hooray!) and along with the new season comes a whole new product wardrobe. After a long luxurious day relaxing in the sun, your skin needs some serious nourishment. After sun is the remedy for all your sun-scorched skin woes. It helps to:

  • Prevent peeling, 
  • Prolong/enhance your tan 
  • If you are unfortunate enough to burn; soothe and repair your damaged skin. 

However, all of this nourishment and goodness usually comes at the price...of a sticky greasy residue and an unpleasant almost medical smell. Not really in synch with your luxurious, relaxing holiday vibe. But aha! my recent travels allowed me to test out this fabulous little fella. I found Clarins' after sun to be everything I could dream for in a aftersun product...and more!

Last weekend I hopped on a plane for a weekend getaway to Rome. The weather was absolutely heavenly, the sensation of the sun warming your shoulders really is the best feeling. Although, an afternoon on an open air tour bus left my freshly warmed shoulders a little...overcooked shall we say! No fear, that evening (and every evening since) I smoothed on my calming Clarins after sun. 

The consistency of the gel is absolutely perfect; it is light and non sticky, perfect for a warm holiday evening. The uplifting smell encapsulates holidays; a gentle scent with hints of coconut and shea butter. It really feels like a treat to apply, your skin instantly drinks up all the goodness, leaving it silky smooth with that holiday glow which we all crave! 

Most importantly, it is not only a pleasure to apply, it actually works. I think this is down to Clarins natural ethos, which makes them stand out from their competitors. Clarins incorporate different plant extracts into all of their products harnessing their natural properties to create the most effective products! This after sun contains: 

  • Sunflower extract - to reduce redness and heat
  • Watermelon and Aloe extract - to rehydrate and soothe
  • Safflower extract - accelerates and enhances tan

The brilliant blend of these ingredients creates a perfect recipe for sun-tanning success! The Clarins aftersun is everything you would want/need and is a definite ten out of ten from me.

X Emma


  1. I love this blog post... I am currently soaking up the sun in tenerife for two weeks and ish I knew about this before I went. However I am definately trying it when I get back.

  2. This sound soo good. I always seem to peel and burn during the summer :(

    Lauren x

  3. Great review! I've also liked Clarins products, above all for the body.

    Jasmine x

    For a Real Woman

    So easy Spanish!

  4. I haven't had any Clarins products before but that one sounds good! I didn't know Clarins used natural ingredients and stuff - very cool! :)

    Cat // CACHOO JOO

  5. Sounds great! I just use plain aloe :)

    Thanks for sharing your link!
    Keep in touch!


  6. I hope you had an amazing holiday ! Thank you so much for commenting xx

  7. It really is a holy grail ! Such good quality. Thank you for your comment xx

  8. Clarins products really do stand out from their competitors ! Their body products in particular make me feel like I am at a spa :) Thank you so much for commenting xx

  9. Yes they really are amazing ! Next time you are at a counter ask the specialist there what ingredients are in a particular product, they really know their stuff :) Thanks for commenting xx

  10. Ah aloe is lovely, so soothing! It is actually an ingredient in this after sun too :) Thanks for your comment ! xx


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