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Thursday, 12 June 2014

The past couple of days have been a bit of a whirlwind! I got back from my trip to Florida the other day, just in time for the Paul & Joe masterclass. It was a lovely surprise to be welcomed back to England to glorious sunshine! So I was able to pop on my new favourite summer dress by Michael Kors;

My outfit coordination with the Harrods logo was completely accidental!

I trotted off in a jetlagged bubble of excitement to Knightsbridge. The master class with Paul & Joe's international makeup artist Craig Ryan-French was absolutely invaluable. I sat scribbling down notes so I wouldn't forget any of his clever hints and tips to share with you guys! I was also fortunate enough to  have a hands on look at their new summer collection (including a whopping 25 new nail enamels.) Which is inspired by an ice cream parlour...heaven!

I first used Paul & Joe when their limited edition Alice In Wonderland collection was released in 2010. I admit I initially purchased as the packaging was just so beautiful, it is the kind that instantly puts you in a good mood when you look at it! But what made me return was the quality of their products. Paul & Joe is leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors in terms of the quality of their ingredients. Champagne pearls are in all of their products and silk in their mascaras!

As well as silk and pearls they also use an ingredient in their new summer foundation that Egyptian princesses would have been familiar with. The clever people at Paul & Joe created a foundation containing an oil used during the Egyptian mummification process. This is perfect for those with oily skin or those who get particularly hot in the summer months. "Noooo way oil for oily skin!" I hear you squeal, but aha this nifty oil actually absorbs any sebum that is created during the day and prevents anymore being produced as it basically tricks your skin! I told you they were clever!

The ingredients are far from the only clever thing about Paul & Joe. The opportunity to meet their inspiring international makeup artist Craig Ryan-French was beyond amazing. Craig's experience speaks for itself, not only was he responsible makeup in the films Chicago, Pacific Coast Rim and Saw. He is also a fully trained actor so has a holistic view of the industry and what is important for starlet actresses such as Sarah Michelle Geller (waterproof mascara is her must have.)

I realise this post is getting too long, I just have so much to say! Expect part 2 with Craig Ryan-French's top tips coming soon.

As ever the packaging for their summer collection is absolutely gorgeous, ice cream parlours and kittens? The ability to choose what packaging goes with your eyeshadow? what is not to like! But Paul & Joe Beauté is not just a pretty face, their products really do stand up for themselves.  I would like to thank Paul & Joe for putting on such a fantastic evening and being such welcoming hosts. I really enjoyed myself and can not wait to use the products that were in the extremely generous goodie bag!


  1. That goodie bag looks brilliant, and I'm very jealous! I never get to go to events or things living where I do! So I'll have to go on living vicariously through you Emma! You looked beautiful, as always and I hope you had a fab time in Florida!! xxx

  2. The paul and joe packaging just makes me want to squeal with cuteness! How adorable. You're so lucky you got to go. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  3. Thanks for sending your link over on Twitter! First of all, I love your MK dress! Sounds like an awesome event and the Paul and Joe products look so dreamy! :)

    Olivia xxx


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