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Thursday, 17 July 2014

On Monday evening I was treated to an evening of delights with Vichy, to celebrate the launch of their new product "Normaderm Night Detox." The event took place at the newly launched and super stylish Ham Yard hotel in Soho. The hotel's decor is luxurious with a contemporary and fun twist. I particularly enjoyed this neon light installation by the bar!

As the sun was shining in London I was finally able to wear one of my summer dresses! This one is from ASOS, I am absolutely loving pastels for summer, they have definitely got me out of my all black outfit habit.

We knew we were in for a fabulous evening from the moment we walked in. Is there any better way to be greeted than with beaming smiles and an ice cold mojito? We sat down in the beautiful bar area and indulged in an amazing array of delicious treats, including parmesan risotto, fish and chips and the cutest bite size ice creams. (Shh..I may have been guilting of having more than one mini ice cream!)

After feasting on our never ending selection of bite size treats, we made our way in to the cinema to be talked through the Normaderm Night Detox. As everyone took their seats we were handed the most delicious popcorn! 

The Normaderm Night Detox has been specially designed for those of us with oily skin, or who just wake up with that horrible "dirty skin feeling." The clever people at Vichy have discovered that oily skin types actually produce three times as much sebum when sleeping! Peaking at around midnight. Eek. This means that "as the skin regenerates itself at night, the waste products that are eliminated and mix with the sebum, blocking the pores and making them more visible." So basically, if you wake up in the morning with super oily skin, blemishes or more visible pores...this is why!

We can all relax though. Vichy has created this overnight moisturiser to detox and purify, while we sleep. With ingredients including the life changing Salicylic Acid, this little guy will sort out your complexion concerns. 

What I have found to be the most important and impressive thing about this product is the fact that it is treating the cause of your blemishes (by controlling the sebum production overnight.) Instead of just treating the symptoms, the nasty blemishes left as a result of the excess sebum production, this means it will help to give serious longterm results. This is what will make the Normaderm Night Detox a true life saver for oily skin types.

Phew! This is definitely a must have, especially for the summer months. After an informative explanation, a showing of Grease in the private cinema was the perfect way to finish a fantastic evening!


  1. sounds lovely!


  2. Your dress in this post is lovely :) xx

  3. Oh my gosh the food was so good =D I haven't tried the night cream yet but can't wait as it sounds fab!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  4. This event looked amazing!! & the product sounds equally as fab! You look gorge as per hun :)

    Latasha xx |


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