My Top Five Summer Essentials

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I have been perfecting my summer essentials during my travels. And along the way I have found some magical "must have" products.

A Big Floppy Hat

I don't know about anyone else, but my face is the only part of my body that does not tan, it just burns! I have always covered up my face with some super high SPF and popped on a baseball cap. However, the recent trend in effortlessly chic big floppy hats has made stylishly shading my face a lot easier. For my recent trip to Hong Kong I popped this Oasis beauty in to my ASOS shopping bag. And lucky you guys it has now been reduced in the sale! Bargain. I particularly like the bow on the back, I think it gives a ladylike old Hollywood type feel to it.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Care Range

I was originally given this little guy in a goodie bag at their launch party. But have since gone on to repurchase three bottles of this glorious bottle of sunshine. I used to think that only "tanning oils" existed, designed to bake you like a potato. However, this factor 50 oil is perfection in a bottle. It leaves your skin silky smooth, protected from the sun and crucially does not stop you tanning! Just protects you from burning and all other nasty things. Here is one of my bottles in Ko Samui!

Good Quality Headphones

I am so grateful to the lovely people at Pioneer for lending me these fabulous Club Sound headphones for my holiday. These are hands down the best I have ever used. It is no surprise that they are the headphones of choice for the top Djs around the world. They make music sound a million times better as you can hear every teeny tiny detail. Meaning you can completely lose yourself in the world of music, regardless of what is going on around you. These headphones successfully had me zoned out from: crying babies and the bedlam that ensued after my flight from Hong Kong to London had to turn around due to a..."disruptive passenger" (yes that really happened!) Plus they look very cool and different to anything else out there. These are the ultimate escapist must have and I will be investing for my everyday commute! 

Some serious sunglasses

When I say serious I don't mean boring, more of an investment! Although we may not get as much price per wear out of sunglasses in the mostly cloudy London as we would with...a rain coat for example. When you're trying to finish that oh-my-gosh I can't put it down novel on the beach, or just wandering around on a sunny day, a decent pair of sun glasses make the experience a lot more enjoyable! They also: 1) protect your delicate under eye area from sun damage 2) handily disguise any after effects from the evening before and 3) mean that you can shamelessly people watch without anyone suspecting a thing haha! My failsafe Raybans have been with me on every holiday for years and I would not travel without them.

Travel Sized Goodies

Now, I would like to meet a person who doesn't get excited over teeny tiny travel sized products! I am also a sample hoarder. Whenever a generous counter assistant pops some samples in my bag, they immediately get added to my stash. However, at the Glam Glow event I was kindly given some dinky bottles to try and instead of adding them to my hoard, I popped them in my travel bag. What a treat it is to apply a luxurious face mask after a long day of travelling and hop in to a bubble bath. My skin definitely thanked me and the "Super Mud" like a super hero, saved the day and completely rebalanced my complexion, in time for the rest of the trip :)

There we go! My top 5 travel essentials. What are your travel essentials?

I hope you all have a lovely week,

Emma X


  1. Oh wow I've never seen an oil thats factor 50, I have such pasty skin and DO NOT TAN at all, but Im always too scared to use oils in case i burn and die.. so I might have to buy one of these for when I next go on holiday!!

    I dont really have any travel essentials besides spf lip balm and spf eye cream to stop any damage on those parts of the face that we usually don't even thinking about.

  2. I adore your hat so much it looks so stylish! I have been using the La Roche Posay suncream a lot too! Such a great product :) xx

  3. Love your hat - such a nice trend.
    Lovely post :)

  4. I need a big floppy hat. Seen a few nice ones in Primark and River Island. Not sure whether to splurge or go for a cheap one.


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