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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I am so sorry to repeat the usual "I have been soooo busy.." excuse, but that is unfortunately, definitely the case! I have been a bit MIA these past couple of weeks, travelling as well as running around attending some fun events. But I am back! I thought I would share some snaps of what I have been up to :) I'll be back to my regular posting and already have some very exciting topics lined up for you guys, so stay tuned!

I was lucky enough to attend the Glam Glow party at the super luxurious London Edition hotel with the lovely Josie. Here we are doing our best Hollywood poses with the Glam Glow founders on the step and repeat! Shannon and Glenn are a husband and wife dream team, who are so warm and kind. Their enthusiasm and motivation for their brand was so inspiring. Being able to chat with them about what makes Glam Glow tick was an incredible experience, I'll be doing amore in depth post on their products and brand ethos soon!

Here I am getting red carpet ready with Charlotte Tilbury's amazing international makeup artist at the #TcsXmas event, held at the Langham hotel. There are some amazing pieces in Charlotte Tilbury's upcoming christmas collection, the mini lipstick charms would be a perfect present...I may have to start my christmas list a little early this year haha!

Hong Kong & Thailand

After a snoozy journey (I really did manage to sleep 10 hours on the plane..!) we were greeted by wine, strawberries and spectacular views in our hotel room in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is unlike any other city I have ever been to. The shopping is on another level and pretty extreme! Here I am on the Canton road, marvelling at the multiple floors of the Dior store. I was also really interested to see that lots of the well known beauty brands have specialist products for different countries. I was also surprised to be told that YSL do not stock their famous "Babydoll" mascara in Hong Kong anymore!

It was wonderful to visit the Man Mo temple. The smell of incense was dreamy and the calm atmosphere was a welcome respite from the often chaotic streets of Hong Kong!

The food on this trip was absolutely delicious and while (most) of the time I was too busy eating it to take a photo, I am so happy I managed to capture this meal! I was told it is the highest Chinese restaurant in the world, set 102 floors up in the Ritz Carlton. The views of Hong Kong are absolutely breath taking.

Ko Samui

After the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, the island paradise of Ko Samui was just what we needed. Being able to completely switch off from the rest of the world and immerse myself in reading books was heavenly! One of the books I read was even set partly in Ko Samui ( The Beach, it is also a film with Leonardo DiCaprio which I will definitely have to watch now! )

While we were in Thailand it also happened to be my birthday! I spent the day at the spa having a relaxing massage and pamper, then in the evening we ventured out to the Four Seasons for my birthday dinner. The fact that I was out of the country for my birthday also means that I have unofficially renamed August my birthday month, so I can spend the rest of it celebrating with friends I did not get to see on my actual birthday!

It's my birthday I can pose if I want to!

Back to Hong Kong

After a week of utter relaxation we jetted back to Hong Kong for some last minute shopping and feasting on our favourite foods! We met up with an old friend for a dim sum lunch and after some intense shopping and a quick change headed back to our favourite restaurant!

It has been a lifetime ambition of mine to go to Asia and I am so glad I have finally managed to visit. It was everything I dreamed of. The balance of city and beach worked really well and I would definitely recommend Hong Kong as a hub, you can flights to pretty much anywhere!

Thank you for taking the time to read and I promise I will be back to my regular posting now. Where is on your bucket list of places to visit?

X Emma


  1. Simply amazing photos! So pleased you had a great time and can't wait to have a catchup over some cocktails soon! Have a lovely day xx


  2. How amazing! I totally forgive you for being MIA ;)! So glad you had a great time though babe :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. Wow - it looks amazing.



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