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Thursday, 1 January 2015


I want to start this post by saying such a huge thanks! My lovely readers, thanks to you guys during 2014 I achieved things I didn't even dream were possible, made some lifelong friends (Kenzie, Lauren, Josie, Anouska, Lucy, Sinéad and Catherine I'm looking at you in particular) and most of all..I've had so much fun!! Writing, photographing, learning about fashion/beauty, attending events and meeting new people are all things I seriously enjoy, and thanks to you my 2014 was filled with so many amazing memories that I will cherish forever. So thank you for being warm, welcoming, kind, friendly and encouraging!

Now enough of the gushing! For the "holidays" (as they like to call them in America) we hopped across the pond to spend Christmas abroad. This is something I would seriously recommend doing, or even going to a restaurant for Christmas lunch. It takes out so many of the boring bits of Christmas (washing up, stressing about cooking etc.) and allows you to really spend "quality time" (cheesy but true) with your loved ones.