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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hello hello hello!

I think I'll skip all the "I've been sooooo busy" excuses because we've all heard them before. I've been balancing a lot of plates and one of them had to slip...and unfortunately that "plate" was blogging. I've missed you all so much but I'm going to make a real effort to get back in to blogging as really life just isn't the same without you guys! But anyway enough rambling, on to more important things...like duty free shopping!

I have to admit...I really have gone over the top..even by my standards. But I haven't had a good old beauty splurge in a long time and I just felt like treating myself!

Yes, duty free - where dreams become reality. Where that wish list you've been preparing, ready for this very moment comes to fruition. I mean who doesn't love a discount? Especially when our favourite brands seemingly NEVER have sales? So really, it would be rude not to indulge 


Here we go:

Mothers Day was fast approaching - I love giving presents - my bank account...not so much. For me a present is something that you would not normally buy yourself that is simply gorgeous. So I treated my mum to a Crème De La Mer moisturiser. This  is a super fancy nancy cream that even comes with a little tiny spatula spoon thing to scoop out product. As far as consistency it is super super rich and the feedback from my mum so far is that it is an ideal night cream but too heavy to use in the day. I also got her the classic pomegranate noir perfume from Jo Malone.

As far as perfumes go I adore a strong but feminine scent, YSL Opium is my ultimate for going out but I needed something just a little lighter that I can get away with using in the day time. Narcisco Rodriguez For Her, is the ultimate perfume. I've had my eye on it forever, itt is so original, with sweet and strong tones. It reminds me slightly of Flower Bomb (another one of my favourites) but it is toned down about two notches. 

I also went for the  Tom Ford Shade & Light Palette in 01:

Now this is just pure indulgence. It's pricey and I've never been able to justify spending that much on a contour kit when I have more than anyone could ever need. But...makeup shopping isn't about needing is it..I wanted to treat myself! And that I did. I was initially pretty intimidated by the shade. But after swatching it is actually much lighter on the skin. The consistency is a cream, similar to that of the Chanel Creme de Soleil but a bit more workable than the Anastasia Contour Kit. I absolutely adore this product and it puts me in a good mood every time I use it. Sad I know! But it is a delight to apply and...need I say more about the packaging?


Wandering around the airport I semi accidentally stumbled upon the Mac counter, with significantly lower prices (£10 for a lipstick.) Remember the days when Mac lipsticks did not cost £15.50?? It just feels wrong to pay so much, which is bizarre seeing as I have no problem splurging on other brands of lipstick but hey ho. I picked up "Pink Plaid" Which is the perfect matte pink. It's a dusky rose which I have been layering with "Myth" and "Pure Zen" or "Velvet Teddy" to warm up a bit. I really do need to step outside my comfort zone of 90000 shades of nudes, if you have any suggestions of lipsticks I should try please let me know below!

We've all been on those journeys where time never seems to move, checking the time, reading for what feels like an eternity, checking the time again and...a whole 3 minutes has passed. The only remedy for this tedious journey was to breeze through the magazines offered. Hidden amongst the pages where two of the"cult" beauty finds people have been raving about. 

First is the Niod Photography Fluid Opacity...it seems every blogger, beauty editor, neighbour, aunt, friend, you name it has been raving about this product. I actually think my expectations for this product are a bit unrealistic. The reviews I have read frame it as a miracle product that makes you look fantastic in pictures (hence the name) but I must admit, I am a bit sceptical but nevertheless curious. If you would like to see a full post about this once I have had time to use it do let me know.

Finally, *phew* that was a hefty haul, is the Fountain Hyaluronic Acid supplement. Hyaluronic acid was definitely a beauty buzz word in 2015. It was hailed the must have ingredient due to it's unrivaled capabilities in hydration. It has actually transformed my skin as it is the main ingredient in my holy grail moisturiser. But this is not a cream it is a health supplement, you mix two teaspoonfuls in to a drink or take on it's own. I am really interested to see if I actually notice a difference in my complexion after taking this. So stay tuned.

That's all for now! My beauty wish list is officially empty so please leave me ideas below!

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X Emma 

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