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Saturday, 13 January 2018

I have always loved reading. A good book is like watching a film, transporting you to a different time and place. In 2017 I made a real effort to read at home, not just when I am on holiday. As a result I have been sleeping better, feel more relaxed and can pass on the good books to my friends!

While on holiday in Florida last summer I was a complete book worm. These are the only books I have photos of, so I apologise if this post is a bit "word-heavy". Firstly, The Party was probably my favourite book of 2017. The narrative centres around the events of one night guessed it a party and jumps around in time to reveal what lies behind these relationships. It is completely compulsive reading. Into The Water is the second book by Girl On The Train author Paula Hawkins. This is nowhere near the level of Girl On The Train but it is an interesting holiday read.

Lion may be a relatively small book but the story is powerful. I read it in an afternoon and could not put it down. I have not seen the film, but the writing was just incredibly moving. Another memoir I enjoyed is "What Remains" by Carole Radziwill. My fellow Real Housewives fans will recognise the author's name. However, this book is the antithesis of a typical Real Housewives book, it documents her grief, losing her husband to Cancer and her two closest friends in a tragic plane crash. Carole is far from a typical Real Housewife, she is an Emmy winning journalist who worked her way up the ranks at ABC. While some may be interested in the Kennedy family's relationships as documented by Carole (her husband was Jackie O's nephew and her best friends John F Kennedy Jr and his wife Carolyn Bessette- Kennedy) it is her intimate writing about her friends and experiences, that make her writing so powerful.

Ann Patchett's Commonwealth is an epic novel, spanning many years. It is a perfect holiday read, as you will be able to keep up with the character's names (there are quite a few). This book really transports you to another time. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is unlike anything else I have ever read. The character development and clever narrative are addictive. It has won many awards and I completely understand why. Similarly, Little Fires Everywhere is a must read.

Some of these books may feel daunting when you pick them up. There will be some days where you can't read at all, or read half a page. Then there will be a lazy Sunday where you look up and hours have past and you've finished the book! It is important to not view reading as a chore, find a book you enjoy and use it as time to switch off from the real world. In a world where we are constantly surrounded by screens, reading is a good way to take a step back and look after yourself. I have many more books I enjoyed in 2017, let me know if you would like me to write about more :) What books have you enjoyed recently?

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